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The fanboy war of words over 's casting as Batman has left message boards (and Moviepilot's comment section) a scorched battlefield of hatred and vitriol. As well as being slammed as a "terrible actor" (your words not mine), one of the biggest criticisms against Affleck's casting is that many people simply can't imagine him donning the cowl. Well now the time has come for us to put our differences aside for a moment and let our imaginations run wild because some concept art featuring Batfleck has hit the internet.

Giving us our first look at what a suited-up Affleck could look like, the Batman artwork comes from the supremely talented Steve Scott, who illustrated for DC Comics as well as working on 's The Dark Knight. There's no word yet as to whether this is official Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice artwork, but give it a look and see what you think:

I'm not completely sold on the cowl and if I'm being picky, I'd say that this suit perhaps resembles too closely the one worn by in The Dark Knight trilogy. I'm still holding out for a more black-grey ensemble if I'm being honest. But in terms of Affleck getting suited up, I think he can really nail the look of Batman.

It's also worth noting that the caption at the bottom reads, "Ben wants no Bat nipples."

I'm starting to like this guy more and more.

What are your thoughts on the Batman concept art? Are you a fan of this new suit design?



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