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Hasbro has used the San Diego Comic-Con to give us our first look at Kurse from Thor: The Dark World, in the form of a 3.75" tall action figure.

Those of you that have read the comic will know that Kurse starts out in life as the robustly named Algrim the Strong and is the same race of Dark Elves as The Dark World's main villain Malekith the Accursed (). Algrim is tricked by Malekith into fighting Thor and the two of them punch each other all upside the face. However as my Grandma always said, never trust a Dark Elf, and sure enough Malekith betrays Algrim while he's battling the Asgardian God of Thunder which results in both Thor and Algrim falling into a pit of lava. Thor is able to save himself thanks to his trusty hammer, whereas Algrim is almost killed and loses his memory. That's the not the end of Algrim though as he's healed by the Beyonder. He's transformed into Kurse, a being twice as powerful as Thor, who only has one thing on his mind; making the God of Thunder pay!

has been cast to play both Algrim and Kurse in The Dark World which lends credence to the theory that we'll get to see the Dark Elf's transformation in the movie. With the recent Comic-Con footage also suggesting that Thor might lose a very important appendage at the hands of his half brother Loki, it seems like a whole ton of pain is about to come his way.

Below are a few photos of Kurse looking like he wants to rip your face off, so give em' a look:

(via The Toy Ark)



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