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Our faithful Moviepilots tend to be all about YA novel adaptations. So, fans should be excited to get their first look at as Tris on the set of Divergent.

Would you like to see it? Yes, yes, you would:

(via EW)

I admit it, I haven't read Divergent yet (on my list, though), so I'm not clear on the smaller details of the story. However, from what I can tell, this appears to be the point at which Tris takes the place of another Dauntless initiate and has to stand unflinching while knives are thrown at her.

For those of you not in the know, Dauntless takes place in a dystopian future Chicago (think The Hunger Games, seriously - the cover art doesn't even try to hide the influence), where society is split up into five factions based on human virtues, and all people must decide what faction they will join, forever, on their 16th birthday. When Beatrice "Tris" Prior must make her decision, she is forced to choose between her family and the life she's known, and being true to herself.

Despite the fact it's a terrible idea to trust a 16-year-old knows him or herself enough to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives, the novel series is supposedly excellent, and the movie has itself a stellar cast, including , , and .

The movie's not coming out for another year (March 21st of 2014), so you have plenty of time to buy the first two books and catch up on the series. The third novel will be released in October. Or [[follow]] and we'll keep you updated.



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