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Eszter Simor

and will team up as police buddies again in 22 Jump Street on an undercover mission to crack a crime ring... in college. After making their way through high school (twice) in 21 Jump Street, the students are back again in another school to solve another crime case. The buddie cop comedy is again directed by the and duo and is expected in theatres in June 2014.

The college theme might explain why the 33-year-old actor was wearing this blue and bright orange football uniform for the fictional Metro City State football team. The pictures were taken while he was shooting a scene for the upcoming comedy sequel, where Channing's undercover identity is a college football player. As Dailymail reports, the jock image is the perfect cover for the character Jenko: a slightly dim, but very athletic police officer.

(via Dailymail)

21 Jump Street was a surprise hit for the comedic pair. Do you think 22 Jump Street will live up to expectations, or will it not be as funny as the original?



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