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Mark Newton

Some of the pivotal moments of Ender's Game will undoubtedly take place in the famous Battle Room - a zero gravity arena where young recruits are trained to fight a malignant alien force. We've already grabbed a glimpse of the room in the first poster and trailer, but here is a picture which shows and in action.

The zero-gravity scenes must have rather challenging to film, especially when combined with ambitious stunts. Butterfield told Empire Online about one such stunt:

There's a really cool sequence where I'm sort of spinning over backwards and I let go of my guns. They're floating by my side just going along. As I push myself through these two stars, I spin back over and grab the guns, then shoot the people around me. I loved doing that.

I'm no quite sure if I can envision that, but it does sound pretty cool.

What do you think? Are you fan of the original book? Does the film look like it will meet your expectations? Let us know below.


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