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EA and Dreamworks' team-up flick, Need For Speed, has been generating some buzz, at least among fans of the racing and gaming community. EW has snagged the first few pics from the racing thriller, and they show a very serious-looking , along with a smug-faced and , whose star is set to soar after landing the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Not familiar with the story or the video game? Check out Empire Online's synopsis:

The film follows Tobey Marshall (Paul), a street racer who goes into business with rich, arrogant car supplier Dino (Cooper), only to find himself framed when another friend dies during a race. Sent to jail, Marshall wants revenge so, once released, signs on for a cross-country race for a chance to strike back.

But Dino learns about the scheme and puts a bounty on his head, forcing Tobey to go up against various illegal drivers in powerful vehicles. is the reclusive, oddball host of the event who invites the best racers from around the world to compete.

Johnson will be playing Marshall's ex-girlfriend who is now dating Cooper. Rounding out the cast are , , , , and .

In case you missed the sneak peek at E3, here 'tis:


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