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Anne Parsons

He may be chained up in the basement of the Salvatore mansion, but Damon's sarcastic comments and threats still pack a punch. Why is it then that Jeremy and Matt don't seem to to be afraid of him anymore?

I have found a clip from this Thursday's (March 20) episode, "While You Were Sleeping," which reveals quite a bit. Matt and Jeremy seem to be enjoying riling Damon up, by drip feeding him his fix of blood and pressing his nerves about the fact that he killed Elena's friend Aaron - something which Elena obviously doesn't know.

It's clear that Damon wants to be the first one to tell her. After all he was possessed by Katherine at the time. Matt and Jeremy want revenge though. Will Damon's threats enough to keep them quiet, or will they sabotage Damon's connection with Elena?


(Source: Zap2it)



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