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Danny Boyle is unstoppable in directing films that turn out to be a huge success not only at the box office, but also with the audience, and what's more, critics. I like him, because he is so quintessentially British and always transfers a moral message wrapped in his extravagant and expressive style - just think of Trainspotting or 28 Days Later. He won the Best Director Academy Award with Slumdog Millionaire in 2008 and still, despite being so successful, he manages to keep his auteur status and not give in to Hollywood. Now this British director talent is set to conquer the small screen too and his upcoming TV show, Babylon, looks extremely promising.

Danny Boyle: Babylon](

As Indiewire reports, is taking his British talent to the small screen and we have the very first look of the upcoming cop drama-comedy. Babylon is going to hit TV screens very soon and the first pictures feature the rife cast: (The East) and (The Hobbit films) are leading the exquisite ensemble that also counts numerous British TV stars like (Peep Show), (PhoneShop), (Pulling), Jill Halfpenny (EastEnders), Jonny Sweet (Chickens).

Danny Boyle: Babylon

In case you are difficult to convince and you have not been impressed by the director and the all-star cast: the show is going to be penned by Peep Show writer and , who will take a comedic look at London's prominent police force headquarters. In their story, an American new-media expert is hired to modernise the police image. Impressed now? I think we can definitely get our hopes high about Danny Boyle's television debut.

Piers Wenger, Channel 4 head of drama said:

We're massively indebted to the team for the huge flair with which they have cast this series.

There's talent and originality in every corner of this cast and its going to be a thrill to see this company of actors rising to the challenges of Sam and Jesse’s brilliant script.

The pilot for Babylon is expected to air on Channel 4 in February in the UK, with a full season to shoot this autumn. Hopefully, it will be picked up in the US too.

(Source: Mirror via Indiewire)

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