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Though most of us agree that some classics just don't need a remake, it seems like it still pays off for networks to invest in modernized versions of our favorite films. While there's been a recrudescence of live performances of hit musicals such as Grease, ABC decided was long due for a return to the small screen — so here we are.

Until now, we only had the cast details, with Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin starring as Frances Houseman, a.k.a. Baby, and Colt Prattes stepping into the (big) shoes of Patrick Swayze in the role of Johnny Castle. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we got a look at ABC's first poster, and it's crazily similar to the original.

Here's Your First Poster For The 'Dirty Dancing' Remake

[Credit: ABC]
[Credit: ABC]

What's Dirty Dancing's most iconic dance move, the arm tickle or the final lift? Either way, both are instantly recognizable — which is probably why ABC decided to stick more or less to the original design of the poster.

Need a refresher? This is what the art looked like when Dirty Dancing first came out in 1987:

'Dirty Dancing' [Credit: Vestron Pictures]
'Dirty Dancing' [Credit: Vestron Pictures]

The question is, will we get the same delightful fashion? Each of Baby's outfits was better than the last, and it'd be a shame to see the remake take the vintage flair out of the story.

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The remake will also star Sarah Hyland, Nicole Scherzinger and Debra Messing, and will air on ABC May 24 at 8pm ET.

Will you watch the Dirty Dancing remake? Check out Movie Pilot staff trying (and failing) to recreate the iconic lift below:

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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