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Alisha Grauso

This Ender's Game movie, based on the classic sci-fi novel by , is apparently serious business. Super. Serious. Business. At least if stars and have anything to say about it. Their introduction of the first few glimpses of footage from the film is delivered with the gravity and monotone voices usually reserved for commercials about starving and angelic children in third-world countries.

The (very) brief snippets show us a tatted-up as Mazer Rackham and Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff, and rising star Butterfield as protagonist Ender Wiggin, along with the rest of his suited-and-booted classmates.


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Ender's Game isn't due in theaters until November 1st, so expect to see a lot of material being released between now and then. Click [[follow]] and we'll bring it to you as it drops.


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