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When we got word that Godzilla was headed to this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, we knew it would be bringing something big. Epic, even, on the scale of the monster from the deep himself.

Legendary Pictures transformed an entire section of a downtown San Diego street into the Godzilla Encounter, with monsters, decontamination bunkers, and a destroyed city replete with abandoned buildings and Tokyo street scenes. Included in that Encounter is a first look at the new Godzilla, featuring an extreme close-up of the monster's face peering through what appears to be a screen:

Alright, so it doesn't give us a GREAT look, but still, it's the only one we have so far, so we'll have to take it.

For fans that want to see it up close and personal, the Godzilla Encounter will be open through the entire duration of Comic-Con, from Wednesday to Sunday night. Tickets will be available through an app or directly at the Legendary booth in the conference center. The Godzilla crew will also be part of Legendary's panel on July 20th.

Godzilla is set for a May 16th release of next year.

(via Deadline)


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