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In the final moments of The Walking Dead Season 7 we watched as the enemies retreated and the residents of Alexandria once again picked up the pieces of their lives. Although the battle was over, it was made clear that the war had only just begun, and that going into Season 8 fans should expect a whole lot more bloodshed.

With war breaking out, the many communities of universe picked their sides, with Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom banding together to fight against the Saviors and Scavengers. And now a first-look image from Season 8 indicates some of our favorite characters are more than ready to fight for their survival.

EW has gifted the internet our first sneak peek at Season 8, complete with a beautiful reunion between Daryl and Carol, who barely had any on-screen time together during Season 7. Check it out:

Although the image isn't giving much away, we can see that the pair are somewhere outside of the confines of the communities, in some sort of suburban area. Daryl is (thankfully) back on two wheels and fully armed with a bow, meanwhile Carol is wearing the Kingdom's trademark armor and carrying at least two guns. Yep, it looks like the Carol we know and love is back! The two look to be keeping an eye out for something, though Daryl's relaxed stance indicates that perhaps they're not quite in among the action — at least at this stage.

Speaking to EW, showrunner Scott Gimple promised that Season 8 will continue where Season 7 left off, with reunions between some characters, while others forge new connections thanks to the brand new alliance between the three communities.

Filming for The Walking Dead Season 8 began back in May, however information has been slow to trickle in. Thankfully this will probably change next week when the cast and crew of the series take to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con. Long-time fans of the series will be aware that Comic-Con is traditionally where the show debuts the first trailer for the upcoming season, so stay tuned for more Walking Dead news over the coming days.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 8 in October.

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(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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