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Action veteran is making a bit of a comeback as of late, with his run in the Expendables franchise, brilliant Volvo commercial with his epic split, and finally, a new, starring role in the upcoming Enemies Closer. JCVD, as he is known to the internet, is taking a different approach to this film, with his previous roles mostly being of the good guy sort, but Enemies Closer will find him in a decidedly villainous turn. Check out the first character poster from Lionsgate for Van Damme's Xander:

The movie also stars and (two actors whose careers also fell off the map after promising starts), and tells the story of what happens when a major drug haul disappears on the US-Canadian border. Former Navy SEAL and current forest ranger, Henry (Scott), is forced by the ruthless drug cartel to help them track down the shipment, but things get complicated hen Clay (Jones), a man with a vendetta against him, shows up to settle the score. The two are forced to work together to survive when the drug cartel, led by Xander (Van Damme), threatens to kill them if the drugs aren't found.

If you missed the ridiculous trailer, here it is:


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Enemies Closer hits both theaters and VOD on January 24, 2014.

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