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The internet was stunned when Jodie Whitaker was announced as the new face of Doctor Who in July, and speculation about the show only increased when the new TARDIS team was disclosed a short while ago. Now, everyone is talking about Who once again, since the Thirteenth Doctor’s brand-new costume and TARDIS have finally been revealed. And no, there’s nary a black hoodie in sight.

We Have Our First Look At Jodie Whittaker's New 'Doctor Who' Outfit And TARDIS

The BBC have shared this scintillating shot of the Thirteenth Doctor across their social media, depicting her atop some pretty idyllic clifftops. Anyone else getting Broadchurch vibes from that picture, or is it just me?

Overall, it looks like the Thirteenth Doctor will be dressing down a little bit, in the same way that the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) favored a sweatshirt over a shirt or blazer. Naturally, since Whittaker is the first woman in the role, her outfit is another new step for the programme. Yet in true Doctor Who fashion, there are discernible nods to the show’s past in her getup.

Indeed, that long jacket is very reminiscent of the Tenth Doctor’s () billowing coat. We here at Movie Pilot are hoping that the Doctor’s new garment has equivalently large pockets to store sonic screwdrivers and other inter-dimensional doohickeys! Plus, the vivid lines on the Doctor’s t-shirt, coupled with her bright blue pants also recall the Sixth Doctor’s — ahem — rather colorful ensemble.

With the addition of braces which hark back to the eccentricity of the Second and Eleventh Doctors (Patrick Troughton and ), this really is a bold and retro look for the new Doctor — and the TARDIS too!

Yup, whilst we’ll have to wait and see how the new interior will appear, this newly-released picture also includes a look at the Doctor’s fabled time machine. Alas, the darkened window panes and the fan-favorite St John’s Ambulance sticker have gone, but the darkened signage of yesteryear is back, which is sure to please the show’s more traditional fans.

But does the Thirteenth Doctor’s outfit hold any clues about the future of her tenure? Not necessarily. Even though this will likely be Thirteen’s “default look,” the Doctors of Who's past have historically tweaked and switched up their ensembles as the show has progressed, just for the sake of it. Therefore, we can’t really predict any plot points from the new Doctor's wardrobe choices.

What we can do though is hazard a guess at her personality. After all, the Ninth Doctor’s (Christopher Eccleston) battered leather jacket, and his less-flamboyant look, reflected his mindset following the devastating Time War. Obviously we're only speculating here, but it stands to reason that Thirteen’s use of color and braces and braces could hint that she’ll be as quirky — or potentially as hot-headed — as her previous incarnations. It’s already rumored that she’ll have a “wicked” sense of humor, so could we be in for another abrasive Doctor? "Who" knows?!

Whatever the future holds for our favorite, renegade Time Lord, there really is a lot to love in this new still. Though the character is certainly getting on in years, our new Doctor looks vivacious, practical, and above all kick-ass! Jodie Whittaker debuts in the Christmas Special Twice Upon A Time, before she appears in her own full series next fall – and we simply can’t wait to see her in action!


What do you think of the Thirteenth Doctor's outfit?

(Source: BBC/Twitter)


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