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Famous for his bizarre sense of humor, director Kevin Smith, has revealed the first image from Tusk. His long awaited horror movie is definitely going to be freakish: a large half man, half sea mammal is at the center of the action...

posted the image on Instagram, with the caption:

Been editing only podcasts for so long now, I forgot how fun it is to cut movies! Thanks, @Avid! .

Kevin Smith: Tusk-editing

Since it is a picture of the editing program he is using, the photo only reveals a small image from the film in the right corner, featuring the actors and .

Check out the bigger image here:

Kevin Smith: Tusk

The rather grotesque story of Tusk focuses on a retired landlord, who offers a free room in his house in an online advert. There is only one condition: the tenant must put on a walrus costume. As crazy as it sounds, it was inspired by a real online ad, placed in Brighton, UK.

The first design of the walrus costume was revealed in November.

Tusk has recently finished filming in North-Carolina and is expected to be released sometime in 2014.

(source: ComicBook)

What do you think? Are you excited about the story of the walrus-ified Justin Long?



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