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There is no denying that the films sure have bite and Universal is aiming to tear another chunk out of the Hollywood box office with a fifth film in 2018. Some 22 years after the original, what isn't there to love about the possibly of another romp around the park, a trip off-island, and the return of 's glistening chest — sorry, .

However, apart from a few images and a slew of casting reports on old faces and new, we have been left in the Triassic Age on what to expect next June. Sadly, we still can't offer you a trailer, but thanks to some "clever girl" doing some digging, we can give you a first look at the film's logo!

Claws For Thought

Appearing on Twitter, the logo was shared by Reel News Hawaii from a wrap party for the UK leg of the filming. As production is now set to move to Hawaii, the tweet also seems to confirm that we will be spending some time back on the doomed islands that we have come to fear since 1993.

The logo certainly seems legitimate, but notice that still doesn't have a subtitle. We have been reporting for a long time about the working title "Ancient Features," which is yet to appear on any official marketing. Personally I was never a huge fan of sticking on a subtitle, and 1997's The Lost World: Jurassic Park was enough of a mouthful. The thought of Jurassic World 2: Ancient Features is almost as infuriating to write as Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Looking at the logo itself, notice how the writing harks back to the original lettering that we saw above the gates in the original film and in 2015's "reboot" with Jurassic World. As a constant of the series, it isn't too much of a stretch to see why Universal has decided to stick with the "Jurassic Park font," and we have already seen the claw marks for the numerical title. The last time we saw dino claws for numbers, it was Joe Johnston's maligned Jurassic Park III in 2001. It seems a little strange to draw comparisons with the universally declared "worst" film in the franchise, and also brings up the question of if we should replace the "2" with "II." Is this now how we should refer to 's sequel?

Gone are the shiny lettering of the newly opened Jurassic World, showing that something has clearly gone to pot since the second Isla Nublar incident and the massacre that we probably enjoyed a little too much. Finally, there is no sign of the classic franchise's silhouette of a T-Rex skeleton. This could mean that the fifth film is going in a different direction away from the central carnivore, but Trevorrow has already told us who the star of the show is, and it just wouldn't be a Jurassic film without a Rex to play fetch with.

As the raptors race toward us and our minds race toward June 2018, expect a fresh batch of scientists, kids, and sexy professors to be ripe for clawing. Jurassic World 2 can hopefully live up to its dino-hype as we continue 's legacy and open the gates once more.

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