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The devil is in the details, and it look like the upcoming reboot of the series is about as detailed as you can get. Alongside the shock announcement that we would be getting a revival of the horned demon AND that it wouldn't be from , the news is slowly sinking in that a new era of 's Big Red is coming our way.

We already know that The Descent's director will helm the latest installment and that Stranger Things actor will be taking over from as Hellboy, but apart from a cryptic working title and some nifty concept art, we have been left in the dark.


Heading to the Cannes Film Festival, an unlikely look at the latest film has been doing the rounds on the internet. Bloody-Disgusting snapped some shots of the sales art, and although filming is yet to begin, it looks like we are on track for a 2018 release date. Note, that this is the first time we have seen the name "Rise of the Blood Queen" as anything more than a sketchy working title, confirming that it seems cast in stone now.

[Credit: Bloody-Disgusting]
[Credit: Bloody-Disgusting]

As you can see, the artwork clearly captures the essence of Mignola's story, which he began back in 1993. The poster includes the titular Hellboy holding his pistol "The Good Samaritan" and puffing away on a cigar. Importantly, the style harks back to the early days of the character, teasing a "back to the start" approach and a very different imagining than del Toro's acclaimed duo of films.

Thankfully, the sales art echoes Mignola's work further, emphasizing that Marshall will be making the most of the R-rating and the source material. With the comic books being notoriously bloody and containing moments like disintegrating a horse with a punch and the terrifying Crooked Man, it was only a matter of time before some gave Hellboy a glossing with a corn syrup paintbrush.

I know he may be from the bowels of hell, but there is no denying that Hellboy is hot property right now and assured to be one of the most anticipated films of 2018. Let's just hope that Harbour and Marshall have the cojones to take on Perlman and del Toro, because the two versions of the character are sure to "lock horns" when Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen hits cinemas next year.

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(Source: Bloody Disgusting)


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