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Tino Jochimsen

One of the big, fat Oscar contenders of the fall/winter season clearly is Saving Mr. Banks, starring Acadamy Award winning actress and a certain , himself not a stranger to the podium.

The period drama centers on novelist P.L. Travers (Thompson) who doesn't want to let go of the movie rights to her most precious and personal creation, Mary Poppins. Enter savvy businessman and charmer Walt Disney (Hanks), hellbent on getting those rights, one way or the other...

You can get the central dynamic of the movie just by looking at the still (courtesy of Time Magazine via The Film Stage) above: Hanks' Disney looks like he is running for President, while Thompson's Travers seems close to dissolving into tears.

In the best of worlds, Saving Mr. Banks should be a classic tear-jerker to warm out hearts come wintertime, while those cushion-y seats take care of our asses.

The incredibly well-cast drama (, and all play supporting roles) is directed by professional heartstring virtuoso (The Blind Side, The Rookie and, somewhat tragically, The Alamo) and will be released December 13.

Are you looking forward to this old-school tear-jerker?


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