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This just in: Saturday Night Live's huge cast overhaul is complete. With the departures of , (weep!), , combined with ' planned departure to take over from as the host of Late Night, there were suddenly plenty of spots free for new comic talent.

Executive producer looked far and wide for new blood to take the spots, looking beyond the usual LA-Chicago-New York areas to locales famed for alt-comedy like Portland, Oregon and Boston. The Hollywood Reporter cited 'one comedy veteran of the hunt' as describing it as "the most public search for talent that [they had] seen."

Now, five new faces will join the cast this year.

Beck Bennett, the adorably po-faced discussion leader in the AT&T 'It's Not Complicated' commercials has signed on. [[yt:cZh105_r2Qk]]

Set to join him is his friend and Good Neighbor comedy-troupe partner, the wonderful Kyle Mooney, who's starred in Parks and Recreation and acted as Jimmy Kimmel's man-on-the-street, but is basically The Best Thing In The World here, along with Beck Bennett (Kyle's the guy in the spectacles):


Noel Wells is (sigh) the only female addition to the cast – she does a Zooey Deschanel impression that will blow your mind and is a gifted physical comedian who first trained at LA's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.


Apparently, at a series of August showcases, those invited to audition were given five minutes to impress show execs. Noel 'blew everyone away' with her impression of a Vine video, playing a screaming fan at a Rihanna concert who falls and repeats the embarrassing moment again and again.

Another physical comic, John Milhiser, will be joining her - he also trained at the LA Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. He's the least well-known of the new faces, but I imagine it won't be long until he cultivates a loyal following - check out his work here.

Finally, there's deadpan-pro , a writer on the show for four seasons has been promoted to actually star in front of the camera. You can catch him in the following snippet from 7 Minutes in Heaven series, interviewing Fred Armisen: [[yt:G51gVQbiIjI]]

What do you think of the new talent? Let me know who your fave is below!


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