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Spidey is swinging to theaters once again this year with . This time, our favorite wall-crawler is pitted against three villains: The Vulture (Michael Keaton), The Tinkerer (Michael Chernus) and Shocker ().

We already saw Keaton's dominating appearance via various pieces of promotional material and a trailer and the Tinkerer's look is easier to piece together. But Shocker has been a bit of a pain in the butt for us as we haven't had an official look at his full-on bad guy costume yet.

Last year, alleged Homecoming set pictures surfaced, showing a man in Shocker garb. While nothing was confirmed, given the suit's modernized design, we assumed it was legit. Fortunately though, we finally have our first official look at the villain.

New York Toy Fair just ended. It's an event where lucky attendees get to have an exclusive look at exciting new action figures coming from companies like Mattel and Hasbro. And Instagram user Eric Cameron posted a collage of pictures from Spider-Man: Homecoming's material from the fair; and it's through them that we get our first look at Shocker:

Here's a closer look:

As you can see, Spidey has created a web catapult to knock the villain down, which is a smart move when your opponent has heart-pounding (and stopping) weaponry.

Furthermore, the UK Toys"R"Us webpage put out a listing for a action figure, as part of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming toyline. Fortunately, it gives us a much better look at the character and his armor:

The question now is: Does this invalidate the past set pictures mentioned above? Not exactly. You see, last year, a casting sheet leaked, revealing there were two Shockers. In the first alleged pictures of the villain, his design looks very simplistic. It's literally a guy dressed in a sweater and vest with two slim metal gauntlets:

That has me thinking: That was most likely the first person to take the Shocker mantle, and the guy we see in the latest piece of promotional material is the second, an improved version. If we look a little bit closer, it has a very similar style to its (possible) predecessor, such as the bulky lenses.

This version, however, is much more armored up, with a helmet reminiscent to Iron Man's, which makes sense, considering the rumor that the Tinkerer - the guy tasked with giving the baddies their cool weapons - is a former disgruntled Stark Industries employee.

Yet it still looks like a very agile design, allowing its wearer better mobility and flexibility, benefits that sure come in handy when taking on himself. I have to say, I'm glad we finally got our first look at the villain. Seeing how close his appearance is to his comic-book counterpart proves once again 's dedication to make the MCU feel like a comic book come to life. To get to see the villain in action, don't forget to check out Spider-Man: Homecoming when it hits theaters on July 7, 2017.


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