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The first official trailer for the second season of Stranger Things raised a number of questions among fans — Chief among them being what on earth that spidery monster freak was — but now that we've been given our first official look at the cast in action, there's only one thing that matters...

What's going on with Eleven's hair and more importantly, is it full of secrets?

Millie Bobby Brown clearly shares the same barber as Sarah Paulson from American Crime Story, but unfortunately, we highly doubt that a crossover between the two shows is set to occur any time soon. That's unfortunate, as Eleven's psychic abilities sure could have come in handy during the O.J. Simpson trial.

For another glimpse of what awaits Eleven in Season 2 of Stranger Things, check out the Super Bowl trailer below:

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Is it just us or does 's hair look remarkably similar to Dustin's as well? Perhaps that's what happens when you're resurrected from the dead. Either way though, this small peek at the cast has left us feeling more excited than ever at the prospect of that curiosity door re-opening on later this year.


Why does Eleven now have curly hair?


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