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Marshmallows, assemble! Ever since you dominated the internet with your massive contributions to its Kickstarter campaign, the long-dreamed of Veronica Mars movie is moving forward at lightning speed. It's only been two months since the campaign ended, but the cast and crew are already on set, filming away.

This week brings us our first look at set pics, with the official Veronica Mars Twitter account dropping some pics on Instagram:

Okay, so they're just teasers and don't reveal much, but the next set of pictures from BuzzSugar show our titular, plucky protagonist, Veronica (), hopping into former love Logan's () hot new ride. After 10 years apart, they obviously have a lot of catching up to do.

As we all know, the perpetually unlucky Logan plays a prominent part in the plot of the movie: The film drops in on Veronica as she heads back to Neptune for her 10-year class reunion, but she gets sucked into her first case in years when Logan is implicated in the murder of his girlfriend, a famous pop star. So basically, it's situation normal for the Neptune crew 10 years later. The whole cast is back and on board, so this should be awesome to long-time fans.

[[follow]] along, Marshmallows, and we'll keep you updated, including a release date, when we get one.

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