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Matt Carter

Is there a finer sight in action movies than bald badasses and sharing screen time? Perhaps, but when you also add a motivational message into the mix, you know magic is about to happen. Diesel is famous for giving his fans what they want and clearly what they want is a Furious 7 image featuring himself and Johnson, plus this heartfelt message:

When brother Dwayne steps into the Hobbs role... you can't tell where he ends, or the character begins. Our third consecutive chapter in the saga, and the short hand we've established makes the film that much better each time.

P.s. Proud of Our whole Fast team.

Don't ever change Vin.

So why is Hobbs laid up in Hospital? Has he suffered whiplash from driving a car too fast and too furious? Perhaps he's finally got health insurance thanks to ObamaCare and is making the most of the free hospital food? I don't know, but feel free to add your own theories in the comment section below.



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