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One of the most highly anticipated upcoming films is Warner Bros.' , which looks to correct the mistakes the DC Cinematic Universe has made and move forward in a more hopeful direction (both in tone and quality).

Recently, we received a brand new trailer and character posters that surprised the internet in a big way. Now, Warner Bros is giving us a look at DC's prime superhero team in their first official poster.

The Justice League *cue trailer music* COME TOGETHER For The Official Poster

[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

There is no stop in sight for the Justice League hype train as the marketing team for the film has done a really great job advertising the movie - which is extra important considering its controversial background. The new poster continues the same lens flare theme as the character posters we were gifted a few weeks ago. It's a relief to see the five members of the Justice League united as a team on a poster.

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Looking at the poster in more detail, it is interesting to see that they placed front and in center as opposed to (who is the second largest figure on the poster) or any of the other Justice League members. This alludes to the fact that Batman, along with help from Wonder Woman, will recruit , , and and lead the new superhero team.

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