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Avengers assemble! Titans together! The Defenders... get drunk and bicker? Marvel's most dysfunctional team have finally united, lending each other a helping hand to take on The... um, Hand. So what are you waiting for? Watch Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist fight the OG badass Sigourney Weaver in the first official trailer from Netflix.

Sure, The Avengers may have their fancy tower and quinjets galore, but what lack in finances and organization, they make up for with a whole lot of ass-kicking. From the martial arts of Matt Murdock and Danny Rand to the brute force of and , The Hand don't stand a chance. Let's just hope the team figure that out before Alexandra and Elektra destroy New York City once and for all.

Jessica Jones [Credit: Netflix]
Jessica Jones [Credit: Netflix]

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Those who lost faith after 's first season received mixed reviews need to channel their chi and focus on positive thoughts when August 18 arrives. After all, with a limited run of just eight episodes, Season 1 of The Defenders promises to tighten up 's pacing issues and deliver the best superhero show on yet. You'd have to be as blind as himself to not see that.


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