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Alisha Grauso

With reclusive auteur heading to Cannes to screen his latest, Knight of Cups to foreign distributors, The Hollywood Reporter has dropped our first official set photo from the film. It features a carefree and frolicking on a beach.

The photo doesn't tell us much, which is no surprise considering the director's penchant for shrouding his films in secrecy. All we know of the story so far is that it is "a story of man, temptations, celebrity and excess". Okay then.

It does have an insanely talented cast, though. Joining Bale and Portman on the set are , , , , , , , , , and . Don't get too attached, though. Malick has made a habit of leaving actors on the cutting room floor.

Still, don't expect to see Knight of Cups any time soon. Malick isn't the fastest director or editor in Hollywood. Case in point: There were more than 18 months between the unveiling of the first set photo and the premiere in Venice of Malick's last film, To the Wonder.

But if you're a Malick junkie, we'll have all the news for you as it slowly, slowly develops. So click [[follow]] to stay updated.


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