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Actor has been taking deliberate steps in the past few years to break away from the character of Harry Potter, and his projects have been as daring and highly-acclaimed as his turn in play Equus to more mainstream fare such as The Woman in Black. But Radcliffe has always possessed and underrated sense of comedic timing, and he gets to show off his comedic chops alongside in upcoming rom-com What If. Check out the first photos, synopsis after the jump:

Directed by and based on the play Cigars and Toothpaste by T.J. Dawe and Michael Rinaldi, the script was adapted by and landed on 2008's Black List. So it's a project with a lot of potential that has been on the backburner for a while. It's heading to Cannes, though, so expect a distributor to snap this up.

Here's the official synopsis, along with some new pics from the film:

THE F WORD. It's not what you think. It means 'Friends' as in, 'Can't we just be Friends?' Ok, it's not an obscenity. In fact it might be one of the coolest things about us as humans. But when you're looking for love, it's frustrating, uncomfortable, heart-wrenching and even infuriating.

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