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Mark Newton

We've surprisingly only heard a little about super sibling duo Andy and Lana Wachowski's movie, Jupiter Ascending. There's a lot of great sci-fi coming up in the next few years and it seems Jupiter Ascending has some rising to do if it wants to reach the top. In any case, today we got our first tentative images from the production.

From the looks of these photos taken on the set of Jupiter Ascending, the Wachowski's are developing a recognizable look for their future-folk. Is anyone else seeing hints of Fifth Element crossed with The Hunger Games in these costumes designs? Take a look below:

(via /Film)

Of course, perhaps we shouldn't read too much into all this, as there's completely no context and some of the costumes don't even look complete. Still, they give us a glimpse of where Jupiter Ascending is heading.

What do you think? Do these pictures give you faith in the Wachowskis? Let me know below.


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