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Rogue One premiered on Saturday night and for those lucky enough to be in attendance, full reviews cannot be posted until Tuesday when the iron-clad embargo is lifted. However, a bunch of initial reactions have been posted on Twitter and they will make any Star Wars fan even more hyped.

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During the screening in the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, the cheering audience was so loud at certain parts that it drowned out the rest of the dialogue. During the after party, there were complaints about an abundance of fan service, with numerous in-jokes and references for diehard fans. Most members of the crowd, however, were ecstatic. Some even went so far as to say may rank among the best of the series!

Well that's good news! | [Credit: Disney]
Well that's good news! | [Credit: Disney]

Interested in what some initial thoughts were? Here are a collection of non-spoiler Twitter reactions from critics and celebrities alike:

Scott Mantz's Excitement Is Contagious

Lindsey Bahr Reveals She's 'Never Heard Such Enthusiastic Applause'

Terri Schwartz Describes The Darker Tone, Which Makes Us Happy

Jen Yamato Is A Fan Of Felicity Jones's Leadership

Kevin Smith Took A Picture With Vader

Clayton Sandell Gives Nathan Fillion's Quick Reaction Of It: 'I Loved It!'

Kyle Newman, Director Of 2009's 'Fanboys,' Poses With Wife Jaime King Prior To Their Brains Being Melted

Set prior to the events of , Rogue One: A Star Wars Story follows a group of Rebel spies on a mission to steal the designs for the Death Star. The film releases on December 16th, 2016 and I don't know about you, but my tickets are already bought.

Check out the full Rogue One red carpet premiere (~59:00):

What would you like to see most from Rogue One? Comment down below.

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