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Alisha Grauso

's laid-back indie flick Prince Avalanche quietly picked up some buzz at Cannes this past month, and we have some brand-new stills and a one-sheet poster for the film.

A remake of Icelandic film Either Way, Prince Avalanche tells the tale of Alvin (the eminently-likable ) and his girlfriend's oddball younger brother, Lance (), as they escape to the isolated countryside for the summer to repaint the lines on country roads destroyed by wildfires. Naturally, clashing personalities and a lack of communication with the outside world leads to misadventures and epiphanies, all done to beautiful, humorous effect.

Let's see. A remake of an equally-indie Scandinavian film? Gordon Green helming it? Paul Rudd sporting a moustache? Explosions in the Sky providing the soundtrack to the film? Guaranteed your fedora- and keffiyeh-wearing friend has had this circled on his calender since, like, before you even knew it was going to be a thing.


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