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Beauty and the Beast already has the internet abuzz with anticipation for its March release, with its teaser trailer and images bringing back the feeling of romance and classic Disney that '90s kids love to see.

Today Emma Watson has finally revealed the official teaser poster for the movie and it hits in all the right feels:

Do you recognize the image? While it is reminiscent to the ballroom scene, with them in the waltz position and her iconic yellow dress, it also is the exact same poster that was released for the original film back in 1991, with the dancing Beast and Belle silhouetted in a spotlight:

The original 1991 poster and the 2016 poster
The original 1991 poster and the 2016 poster

For any fan of the original, this stirs up nostalgic feelings, and proves that Disney still have the magic that they did back in the day. They seem to be following the pattern of sticking as close as they can to the original for this film as the teaser trailer seemed to be taken straight from the cartoon.

It seems as though the "tale as old as time" will be fairly faithful to the original and as a fan I couldn't be more pleased.

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