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Spider-Man hasn't had the best track record on the big screen. Following Sam Raimi's trilogy, we got the Amazing Spider-Man series, a two-film franchise that simply didn't resonate with fans in certain ways. Things seemed to be on the downswing for our web-slinger, but then something happened: He joined the . This new version –– played by –– stole our hearts with just a few minutes of screen time in Civil War. Following that stellar appearance will be his solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

As exciting as the prospect of watching Homecoming is, fans have been wondering something, taking into account the character's past critical shortcomings: Could return Spidey to his former glory in his new solo outing? Could it do justice to the character and his mythology?

Some lucky individuals got to see early, and the first impressions have hit the internet. Rejoice, fellow nerds, because the reviews make something quite clear: Marvel seems to have pulled off one of the best comic book movies out there.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Seems To Be Everyone's New Favorite Spider-Man Film

Simply put, people can't say enough about how much they loved the film. Brandon Davis, host of Comicbook NOW calls Homecoming his favorite superhero movie of all time.

Collider's Steven Weintraub also loved the live-action adventure. A common concern from the marketing material was that the trailers were showing us too much. According to Weintraub, that shouldn't be a concern, because the movie has plenty of surprises left in its belt:

Angie J. Han from Mashable praised almost every single aspect of the movie: Its cast, its balance between superhero action and teenage drama, and, what surely be the most important to a lot of fans: 's Vulture.

Marvel's constantly criticized for its villain problem, so it's refreshing to hear broke the cycle. Yes, it was easy to assume that would be the case with Michael Keaton on the role, but as we've seen in past MCU installments, a great actor portraying a villain doesn't necessarily equal a memorable character.

Spidey Just Wants To Have Fun

Something fundamental about any superhero film should be a sense of fun. Most tights-users are beacons of hope and light, and their live-action stories need to convey that. That applies specifically to .

Fortunately, the movie didn't disappoint on that front. There's one thing that almost every review right now mentions: The film's fun. Indiewire's Kate Erbland states she laughed so hard, she had a headache by the end of the film.

Marc Webb's ASM franchise was a darker take on the titular character and his mythology, but many weren't comfortable with that approach. Screen Crush's Matt Singer is one of those people, but for him, Homecoming stripped the unnecessary darkness and went right into the fun.

In most comic book movies, the main hero isn't too comfortable with... well, being a hero. Saving people, beating up bad guys and taking names seems more like a chore rather than a true calling. That was a prominent theme in past Spider-Man films, and as interesting as it was getting inside Peter Parker's head to know what bothered him about this crime-fighting duties, we needed a change of pace.

According to Uproxx's Mike Ryan, Homecoming gives us a Peter who loves being :

That makes complete sense. He's a kid with incredible powers. What kid wouldn't love having those superpowers and being a hero? What kid wouldn't love hanging out with larger-than-life characters like The Avengers?

Of Course, The Movie Wasn't Without Its Faults

With so much praise going around, there's bound to be some criticism. Crave Online's William Bibbiani, for example, felt the character lacked a sense of drama, in part for skipping Peter's tragic backstory:

He clarified that doesn't necessarily make it a bad movie, but it does make it pale in comparison to a movie like 2004's .

Gizmodo's German Lussier had some problems with the film at the beginning, but his opinion changed later on:

It looks like after it clicked, it really clicked on him, since he went as far as to call Spider-Man: Homecoming the best Spidey film since Spider-Man 2. That's a tall order:

Thankfully, it looks like the bad aspects were eventually eclipsed by the film's awesomeness.

Spider-Man is about to become an integral part of the MCU, so he needed a successful first outing that connected with audiences. Homecoming needed to be the reason for us to want to go on a lengthier journey with this new version of , and judging from the initial reactions, it did just that.

You'll be able to see Spider-Man: Homecoming once it swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.


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