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The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

films tend to feature, among other things, fantastic actors in weird costumes. Sometimes those actors additionally do fashion strange beards, most striking examples being and his face forest in The Royal Tennenbaums and ’s dirt squirrel in The Darjeeling Limited.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, by virtue of being a film, cannot escape those two attributes. The 1920s set screwball comedy, which depicts the trials and tribulations of a contained conscierge features pretty much every awesome actor on earth. Some of them, you can spot on these here set photos, in costume and in beard, thanks to The Film Stage.

On the photo above, you can see the protagonist in purple, played by the reserved Englishman par excellence, .

stated that he plays a Sigmund Freud-esque chaaracter in the comedy. His beard gives this statement some fluffy weight.

sadly only will have a rather small part in Grand Budapest Hotel. Still, a little Wilson is better than no Wilson at all, especially with dashing smoking and all!

We are pretty sure that this well-stached gentleman is . This is an interesting photo in so far as it indicates that the film will contain gunplay, which is pretty unusual for an Anderson flick...

We reckon those two pictures showcase the in-and outside of the titular establishment.

Grand Budapest Hotel is currently filmed in and around Berlin, Germany. It should be released around wintertime in the US, although there is no official date yet.


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