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While Caroline may have married Stefan Salvatore and ended her tenure on The Vampire Diaries with a boarding school and a full plate and the sister-show The Originals is having their final run this season, fans of the pairing Klaroline are still holding out hope that the ship will end up together in the end. Thankfully, there might be some hope for the final season.

A Ray Of Hope

We already knew that Candice King, the actress who portrays Caroline on both The Vampire Diaries and , was to make a guest appearance on the first episode of the Season 5 when writer Cadly Mack shared a photo of her on set. While fans were excited, asking for a picture of Candice and Joseph Morgan (who plays Klaus) together, it was explained that she was only on set for one day.

Prayers Answered

However, the long wait for the people who love together has finally ended, with King taking to social media and sharing a photo of her and Morgan on set together. It appears as though they had a few scenes together, given that she says that they had fun over the past "couple of days."

Is there hope for Klaroline in the final season of The Originals? Guess we will have to tune in to find out!

The Originals will return mid-season in 2018. Will you be watching?


Are you excited for the return of Klaroline?


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