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The god of thunder is back, sporting more style than Baby Groot wearing a ravager suit in . That's right, the folks at not only blessed our Monday morning with a teaser trailer, they also released a poster that even Thor's busy Australian roommate Darryl would give up his rent money for. Hold on to your hammer as you check out the image; may your eyes be worthy of this prestigious Asgardian delight.

(Check out the poster below.)

'Thor: Ragnarok' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Thor: Ragnarok' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Odin's Beard! Is That Thor?

Either Thor is now chilling with the Guardians' ensemble of graphic designers or he just enrolled at art school.

Tremendously vibrant and visually authentic, our new Thor looks like Russell Crowe's Maximus in Gladiator in the poster, no surprise given the film's gladitorial theme, but a lot more badass and with even more muscles.

Are you excited for Thor: Ragnarok? Let me know in the comments below!

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The green gladiatorial arena in the background foreshadows the epic battle Thor and Hulk will have, an indication that this is not just a Thor movie. The overall vibe is very Planet Hulk-esque.

Thor's beard is reminiscent of 's and his helmet will finally see the light of day.

November 3rd needs to hurry up so Thor can travel the Birfrost bridge to Midgard. I'm not the only one excited for Thor: Ragnarok, right?

Are you excited for Thor: Ragnarok? Let me know in the comments below!


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