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In the year 2010, a little film named Skyline was released, which promised an action-packed alien invasion movie with stunning visuals the likes of which mankind had never seen. However, what we got was an hour and a half of unlikable characters hiding in an apartment building with the blinds closed.

The original Skyline was panned by critics, with a stunning 16% on Rotten Tomatoes, and quickly made its rounds on every bad movie podcast in existence. Although the first film has proudly been inducted into the bad movie hall of fame, it appears that a sequel will be forthcoming, and the first trailer looks…. awesome?

Beyond Skyline Drops Its First Trailer And Blows Our Minds

While we may not know why Skyline is receiving a sequel, the first full trailer for the next film in the franchise, Beyond Skyline, looks amazing. Based on what we saw in the trailer, the sequel appears to be a vast improvement from the first film.

Not only does the trailer show us emotional stakes and characters we might actually care about this time, but it looks like we will get to see more of the alien invasion – which we only saw tiny pieces of in Skyline. It almost looks like Beyond Skyline will be retelling the same events from the first film, but we will be following a more interesting storyline. So, you know, basically what the first film should have been.

In Skyline, all the exciting alien action took place off-screen, until the last 45 seconds, when the movie showed us a glimpse at what the film could have been, and then the film just...ended. Beyond Skyline appears taking the best part of the first film and expanding on those ideas, which will give us a lot more action and face-to-face time with the alien invaders. Just like the first film, the visual effects for the sequel look stunning, which is even more impressive since the film only had a measly $20 million budget.

One of the biggest problems with Skyline was the cast, and the small scale of the story. The first film tried to tell a contained story like George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, but the dialogue and character relationships were extremely lacking. Eric Balfour and Donald Faison are amazing TV character actors, but they had terrible chemistry, and their characters were one-dimensional.

Just based off their brief appearance in the Beyond Skyline trailer, the new cast is instantly relatable, and it looks like they are bringing their A-game. will be leading the film, and his charisma is already leaping off the screen. Based on his work in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Purge: Anarchy, we know he can bring the action while also delivering a layered performance. In Beyond Skyline, Grillo will be looking to rescue his son after he gets sucked up into an alien spaceship, but he can't fight the alien menace alone.

Beyond Skyline [Credit: Beyond The Mothership]
Beyond Skyline [Credit: Beyond The Mothership]

Iko Uwais from The Raid franchise is also along for the ride, and will join forces with Grillo as the world falls to pieces. Rounding out the cast will be Bojana Novakovic (Shameless), Callan Mulvey (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), and Betty Gabriel (Good Girls Revolt).

Even the harshest critics agreed that Skyline had a great movie buried somewhere under the boring setting the filmmakers presented, but they just missed the mark. There has recently been a surge of bad films that went on to have great sequels like Ouija: Origin of Evil and Annabelle: Creation, which give us hope that Beyond Skyline could follow in their footsteps. The first full trailer for the film has us optimistic that it can redeem the franchise, and deliver on the failed promises of the first film.

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