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Matt Carter

The first trailer for the latest big-screen adaptation of Romeo and Juliet has landed. This version of the Shakespeare classic is from Downton Abbey screenwriter and features and as the star-crossed lovers. (Homeland), (Gossip Girl), (Thor: The Dark World) and (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) also star in what must be the gazillionth reboot of the timeless tragedy.

Here's the trailer for to look at:


Meh. I'm all for a bit of Shakespeare in my life, but this doesn't really do it for me if I'm being honest. Do we really need another Romeo and Juliet movie? Especially one that looks so generic and uninspiring? It does have one selling-point: Both Steinfeld and Booth were similar ages to the titular characters when production began. Add in the fact that Romeo and Juliet is probably the most famous love story in history and this latest retelling might find an audience with the Twilight crowd.

Romeo and Juliet is directed by and although it's still waiting on a US release, it should hit theaters later this year.



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