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Mark Newton

It was only 4 months ago that we were talking about Fox commissioning a pilot for their new Sleepy Hollow series. Well, it seems the production team certainly hasn't been sleepy, as the trailer is already here. Check it out below:


As you can probably guess from the trailer, this version of Sleepy Hollow will deviate pretty fundamentally from both Washington Irving's original The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow and 's 1999 movie. Fox's Sleepy Hollow sees Ichabod Crane (Brit star Tom Mison) transported to modern times to continue his fight against the headless horseman. Along the way, he'll become embroiled in the mysterious village's occult past as well as dealing with his new and unusual surroundings.

What do you think? Has this trailer piqued your interest for more Sleepy Hollow? Let me know below.


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