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has been long building a shared animated movie universe that's been very well-received by fans. Because of that, they're looking for new ways to expand the franchise. The next natural step was the world of magic and supernatural, and what better vehicle to explore it with than

The darker version of the superhero group is finally getting its own movie. Previously, we got a brief look at the film but it wasn't as in-depth as we hoped. That changes today with the release of the new Justice League Dark trailer. Check it out:

There are of course, a few other aspects worth noting:

This Will Be The Second R-Rated Movie In The DC Universe

movies and shows, especially ones about , rarely go the extra mile for the R rating. This will be the second R-rated movie in the universe and, considering the much grittier nature of this new team's stories, an adult approach would be welcomed. However, I'm wondering if will go the same route as the animated , which debuted this summer to an R rating but could have easily passed as PG-13.

Other than the rating, what did we learn from the first Justice League Dark trailer? Let's break it down.

A Mysterious Enemy

The "enemy-turning-citizens-into-servants" thing has been throughly explored before but it serves as a nice jumping off point for and the rest of the heroes to need help from characters like , and .

will be appearing in the movie, so could he be pulling the strings? By taking a closer look, it seems this mystical threat takes control of Zatanna. Could she be even more powerful than Constantine for this entity to possess her?

Batman Will Be Putting Together The New Justice League

Just like his counterpart, will apparently be gathering the supernatural superheroes to face the new powerful threat. From his initial statement about having to contact John Constantine, it looks like has already encountered some form of magic in his years as the . Though, even if the famous superhero is backing up the team, things won't go as smoothly with everyone else...

John Constantine Is Reluctant To Join The Team

John Constantine is... well, not a very nice guy in the comics, and that's evident in this trailer with him not wanting to join the . The question is, does he simply not care about the rest of the universe getting destroyed or does he simply not want to do it with a team? Considering he let the heroes into his home to not get destroyed by the tornado, the latter is the most likely option.

The Weirder Side Of The DC Universe

The has been fairly grounded in reality so far. Yes, it has dealt with aliens but it always touches upon the subject in a way that doesn't seem so far off. With this movie though, they're taking the route by opening up an entire new different realm to play with. This gives DC the opportunity to create a franchise around the darker, weirder members of the alternative Justice League.

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That was the new trailer for Justice League Dark. I'm very glad and excited to know DC is finally letting these characters shine and, especially, that it looks so promising. Let's also not forget about the fact that the incredible is back to voice Constantine, just another thing to get excited about.


Who are you most excited to see in the movie?


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