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Throughout his legendary career, Arnold Schwarzenegger has played unstoppable cyborgs, faced deadly aliens and even fought zombies. But in his upcoming film Killing Gunther, the cinematic icon will play a different kind of role — the world's greatest hitman.

Schwarzenegger will portray the titular role of Gunther, who finds himself targeted by an elite crew of assassins, all of whom want to be the best. At least, they claim to be elite, but they're really more incompetent than anything. The veteran then takes it upon himself to make their mission hell, as he continues to evade everything they throw at him.

With a role that sounds perfect for The Austrian Oak, the film will undoubtedly make Arnie's fans very happy. But if you're just too excited to wait for Killing Gunther, check out the first ever trailer below:

The World's Funniest Hitmen

From the trailer, it's clear that Killing Gunther is action-packed. However, it's clearly just as much screwball comedy as anything and its cast certainly proves that. While Schwarzenegger is definitely at his comedic best, he isn't alone in bringing the laughs.

The film was written, produced and directed by SNL alum , who also stars opposite Schwarzenegger as Blake — the man behind the assassination attempt on Gunther's life. Meanwhile, the supporting cast is also full of comedian star power, with How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders, Silicon Valley's Kumail Nanjiani, New Girl actress Hannah Simone and SNL's Bobby Moynihan all portraying members of Blake's crew of assassins.

The first poster for 'Killing Gunther'. [Credit: Saban Films]
The first poster for 'Killing Gunther'. [Credit: Saban Films]

After a successful series of dramatic roles for , it's great to see the action hero return to form in Killing Gunther. Those hitmen had better watch out, because it seems that killing Gunther is easier said than done.

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