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With its release fast approaching, the anticipation for Marvel's Runaways is in full force. Details on the comic adaptation have been kept under wraps, but Marvel was finally ready to unveil its mysteries at NYCC with an official trailer. Take a look at the show's first footage below:

The upcoming series plays on the notion that all teens believe their parents are evil, but what happens when that's actually true? The kids unintentionally find their parents sacrificing an innocent girl to demonic beings — turns out their parents are part of a clandestine criminal organization. Consequently, the group decides to unite to atone for their parents' crimes, and they each discover their unique abilities along the way. Along with the typical teenage dilemmas, the team must learn to accept independence at a vulnerable times in their lives.

Early reactions to the show have emphasized how -accurate it is overall, and the cast certainly looks the part. As the book explored a wide range of concepts within the narrative and character development, it'll be interesting to see which elements the show will adapt throughout Season 1.

A remarkable comic like Runaways needs to be done justice in a live-action format. Based on the trailer, it appears that the show will not only exceed our expectations, but also reinvigorate fans' love for the .

Runaways will be available to stream on Hulu on November 21.

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