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Heather Snowden

Loralei's kitchen seems smaller, Dean's mustache has almost filled out, Kirk is still being Kirk and wait — was that Emily Gilmore in a T-shirt?! You might want to take a seat for this one guys, and wrap your mitts around a cup of coffee; the first trailer for Netflix's A Year In The Life is here and it's a goldmine of Stars Hollow treasure.

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Come November 25th, our two favorite madcap madams will return to the small screen, bringing a bunch of familiar faces with them. In the 2:26 min trailer, we steal a glimpse of how the Gilmore's are coming to terms with Richard's death — we're gonna need a pack of tissues to cope with this one, guys — and spy Rory's past loves sporting new looks, alongside some Sookie-style kitchen drama and, of course, fast-food. I can't wait!

Check it out for yourself:

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life hits Netflix November 25th — will you follow?


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