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Earlier this week, DC dropped the news that they would be making a standalone Joker origin movie totally separate from the DCEU, and that the legendary director Martin Scorsese would be onboard to produce. This is huge news, not only because we're getting a totally original Joker motion picture, but also because it means we'll have another Joker on the big screen as well as Jared Leto. For some this is bad news because they love Jared Leto's interpretation, but for others it means we might get a more conventional Joker to watch, rather than Jared Leto's "damaged," pimp boss Joker.

fans are buzzing at the thought of seeing another Joker on screen, perhaps a more traditional Joker compared to Leto's iteration. And with this list, we're going to look at five actors who should definitely be considered to play the Joker; ranging from obvious choices that have been wanted over the years, all the way to some more curveball choices.

1. Paul Dano

The Joker & 'Prisoners' [Credit: DC Comics, Warner Bros.]
The Joker & 'Prisoners' [Credit: DC Comics, Warner Bros.]

Previous Roles: Okja, Prisoners, Looper

Paul Dano is a fantastic up and coming actor who's given a number of notable performances over the last few years, with his most notable performance being his creepy and eerie role in Denis Villeneuve's Prisoners. If you need any convincing that Paul Dano would be a good Joker, you just need to watch this haunting performance he gives for this intense thriller.

It's quite hard to watch Paul Dano without being creeped out, which means he's doing his job extraordinarily. His age is also perfect for the Joker, simply because if they're going down the route of an origin movie, that would mean we'd be seeing him at a young age. Of course that depends on what storyline they planning to use, but it would be awesome to see how threatening this actor would be with the classic scary make-up and a knife.

2. Bradley Cooper

The Joker & 'Burnt' [Credit: DC Comics, The Weinstein Company]
The Joker & 'Burnt' [Credit: DC Comics, The Weinstein Company]

Previous Roles: Burnt, Joy, The Hangover

We've seen excellent examples of Bradley Cooper's acting range over the years in films like Burnt, Silver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond the Pines. Most of you might feel that Cooper is best off playing a clean-cut, straight-edged superhero rather than the most maniacal villain of all time; alternatively, I feel the classic "one bad day" Joker storyline could be applied to Bradley Cooper wonderfully.

At the start of the film we'd get Bradley Cooper with his pleasant life, content with his family and job, only for him to have the one bad day that could crumble any man. We'd see the eventual decline of his sanity, following his whole journey until the point of the Joker's psychotic persona at the end of the movie.

3. Robert Knepper

The Joker & 'Prison Break' [Credit: DC Comics, 20th Television]
The Joker & 'Prison Break' [Credit: DC Comics, 20th Television]

Previous Roles: Prison Break, Hitman, Twin Peaks

If you want a Joker who's going to be so creepy that he'll make you uncomfortable every time he's on screen, then you needn't look any further than Robert Knepper. The versatile actor stole the show as T-Bag in the long running series Prison Break, where he played an incredibly creepy role that showed many people (myself included) that he'd make an excellent Joker.

As well as Prison Break, Robert Knepper also showed how menacing and creepy he can be in the TNT show, Mob City. These various roles are a great case for why Robert Knepper would make the perfect Joker.

4. Will Poulter

The Joker & 'The Maze Runner' [Credit: DC Comics, 20th Century Fox]
The Joker & 'The Maze Runner' [Credit: DC Comics, 20th Century Fox]

Previous Roles: The Maze Runner, We're The Millers, The Revenant

The next entry on our list is another curveball choice that could be crazy enough to work. People might consider The Maze Runner's Will Pouter a comedic actor, for his role in We're The Millers, but since then he's knocked out some fantastic performances in the likes of War Machine, The Revenant and his new movie, Detroit.

I feel like the Joker is a character that needs to seamlessly transition between insanely comedic and intensely scary — and Will Pouter's crazy, creepy eyebrows alone should be enough convincing for the menacing Joker appearance!

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

The Joker & 'Django Unchained' [Credit: DC Comic, The Weinstein Company]
The Joker & 'Django Unchained' [Credit: DC Comic, The Weinstein Company]

Previous Roles: The Departed, Shutter Island, Inception

Last up on the list is the casting everybody wants to see. With the news that Martin Scorsese is producing this film, everybody is hoping and praying that he'll convince long-time partner Leonardo DiCaprio to star. The pair have made countless films together, including classics like The Wolf of Wall Street, The Aviator and The Departed. But could the duo's excellent relationship be enough to convince the Oscar-winning actor to join a movie, when most of their releases have been so controversial? We'll have to wait and see. And who knows, if DiCaprio comes on board, he could do a similar performance to his crazed character in Django Unchained!

At the end of the day, I think any of these five actors could prove to be an excellent Joker and worthy of the amazing lore the character has. We could get the psychotic, crazed Joker courtesy of DiCaprio, the creepy portrayal of Robert Knepper, or the "one bad day" Bradley Cooper. They all have their own intrigue and individual qualities, so either way they'd all be great.

I'd love to know who you guys would pick for the role of the Joker!


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