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Mark Newton

So we know aliens walk among us, right? I mean, that's common knowledge. But did you know some of them have infiltrated their way to the top of the entertainment industry?

Here are five celebs which are obviously aliens in disguise.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga seems like a fairly obvious one, right? What with her bizarre confessions:

And even more bizarre costumes...

But here's the real proof she is an inter-galactic interloper! She doesn't know how to use a normal Earthly car door...

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

Maybe this one is a bit more of a surprise, but I'm also pretty sure Benedict Cumberbatch is from another world. I mean, he obviously hasn't quite grasped his new human body...

See? Plus he's far too charming to be an actual human.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

The same goes for Jennifer Lawrence. I'm pretty sure she was sent to Earth to distract us pesky humans with her thoroughly lovely face and quirky mannerisms...

Then once we're totally enamored and under her spell, that's when the aliens will invade.

4. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is obviously an alien agent who operates in a similar fashion. Instead her overlords have instructed her to slowly destroy human culture and civilization with her God-awful dancing and singing.

Then once we've completely lost faith in ourselves, the aliens will come and everyone will be too depressed to actually fight them.

I mean, after looking at these GIFs would you still defend humanity? May I be the first to welcome our new intergalactic dictators.

5. Tom Cruise

But of course, the most famous alien invader of all has to be Tom Cruise. I mean, he says weird things like this...

And remember that whole Oprah Winfrey thing? Definitely not normal human behavior...

Oh, yeah, he can also shoot lighting out of his fingers...


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