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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

is well and truly single, girls. And the July/August edition of Women’s Health Magazine jumped on his recent break-up with in their interview with the star by do you recover from heartbreak?

Ian's answers: wine, meditation, exercise and friends.

So, no space for a new girl to fill the void? The Vampire Diaries super-fans around the world will weep. But I agree with his answers, particularly the wine. LOTS of it.

That was the first of his 5 'juicy questions' and the revelations kept coming. Here's some lil' tidbits from the discussion as teasers.

1) He sleeps naked

2) He's a gourmet cook

3) His bedroom spirit animal is a black panther

I'm not sure what to take from that last one. Black panthers are very cool, no doubt about it, but also pretty vicious. And Ian, despite all the brooding stares n' acting undead, seems like a bit of a gent. In fact, a co-worker said he'd be a care bear. What are your ideas for Ian's bedroom spirit animal?

Overall, it all sounds very much like an advertisement for single Ian though - especially with THAT Butch Hogan naked photoshoot (shown above). So Mr Somerhalder, let's watch your already supersonic levels of female interest further skyrocket.

What does everyone think? When will be heartbreak-free? Or is a reunion with on the cards.


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