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Funko is the American company that continues to take over the world with their Pop Vinyls — variously sized amazingly-crafted plastic in the shape of your favorite characters, or even real life people.

Though they have nearly 15,000 Pop Vinyls under their belt — not including everything else they've acquired under their brand — only around 50 of those are music related. Previous musical Pops include The Beatles, KISS, Run DMC, Sex Pistols and Michael Jackson.

Perhaps one of the sub-categories to get the least amount of love, Pop Rocks most definitely has the potential to grow into another one of the amazing and popular brands for the company. Let's take a look at just five musical acts that could get the Pop Vinyl treatment:

1. Adele

[Credit: XL Recordings]
[Credit: XL Recordings]

With awards and accolades to her name including Billboard Artist of the Year in 2011, 2012 and 2016, number five in VH1's 100 Greatest Women in Music and one of Time Magazine's most influential people in the world for 2012 and 2016, this British songstress has taken the music world by storm, and what better way to honor that than to be immortalized in 3.75'' of plastic.

Variant edition? Adele has had a range of looks over the years including the beehive, and the new, blonde 'do that she sported most recently.

2. Michael Jackson 'Thriller'

[Credit: Epic Records and Funko]
[Credit: Epic Records and Funko]

Michael Jackson is one of the world's biggest music artists, and even eight years after his death his music is still known and loved worldwide. In 1984, MJ released what may be his best known song, "Thriller," complete with a 14-minute music video inspired by '50s horror movies. So far five Michael Jackson Pop Vinyls have been released, including Smooth Criminal, Bad and Beat It, but the range is missing one of his most iconic outfits.

Variant edition? If a standard version is released then the perfect variant would have to be a zombie version!

3. Elton John

Elton John on 'The Muppet Show' [Credit: Walt Disney]
Elton John on 'The Muppet Show' [Credit: Walt Disney]

He is a man of many different looks, especially during the '70s with his massive and extravagant glasses, and while the glasses may have gotten smaller, Elton John is still one of the great music icons.

Variant edition? Where to start? There will be plenty of different outfits and glasses to choose from.

4. Lady Gaga

[Credit: Interscope]
[Credit: Interscope]

Lady Gaga is yet another music icon that has gone through A LOT of different looks. From the extreme outfits of her early career to the more recent mellow, toned down looks, Gaga has enough looks to produce a Pop Vinyl for every song she has released.

Variant edition? I have two words for you: MEAT. DRESS!

5. David Bowie

[Credit: RCA]
[Credit: RCA]

Another of music's greatest icons, David Bowie was always innovative in both his work and his fashion, constantly reinventing himself for the last five decades until his unfortunate death in 2016.

Variant edition? Perhaps one of my own personal wishes to some Pop love, David Bowie has so very many different looks and outfits that would look amazing on my shelves. From "Life on Mars" to "Starman" and even his most recent look in his "Blackstar" and "Lazarus" music videos.

These are just five possibilities, there are plenty of artists that could get the Pop Rocks treatment including Madonna, Prince, Beyonce, Freddy Mercury/Queen, Tina Turner, Bruno Mars and Sia — just to name a few!

What musical artists would you like to see get turned into Pops? Comment below.


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