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After months of build up, The Flash finale has finally dropped, and it's safe to say that the repercussions of Barry's decision are huge, and potentially catastrophic. Naturally, the reaction to the finale among the fans has been pretty divisive, but there's one thing we can all agree on: Barry fucked up.

As short-sighted as Barry's choice to save his mother was, this actually sets up a really interesting situation for Season 3, as a partial adaptation of the comic arc Flashpoint Paradox.

Flash remembers the original timeline.
Flash remembers the original timeline.

Everything will change when Barry speeds back to the present, and fans are already predicting exactly how the season will unfold.

Wally West was the third character to become the Flash in the comics, and his transformation into a metahuman has been teased ever since his introduction in Season 2.

Wally West could become the Flash.
Wally West could become the Flash.

With the reset, we could finally see this happen! But it's not just the characters on The Flash who will be affected. Some of our fans are wondering if this timeline alteration will ripple out into Arrow, changing the makeup of that show too.

Ollie's dad as the Green Arrow? That would be a fun twist, and one we've seen before...

Of course, the CW verse doesn't just include Arrow.

The many DC shows on the CW.
The many DC shows on the CW.

As this fan points out, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl are bound to be affected too.

The possibilities are endless! But some fan theories might not pan out...

As much as we want to see Batman included in the show, Gotham's pretty much got that one covered. Zoom as the Black Racer though? That's almost definitely going to be a huge part of Season 3.

Will Zoom be the Black Racer in Season 3?
Will Zoom be the Black Racer in Season 3?

So, let's get down to theorizing. It's entirely possible that by saving his mother, Barry has reset the timeline back to the way it was when the Reverse Flash travelled back through time, as this fan explains.

There was a lot of discussion in the Season 1 finale about this, and whether this original timeline was how things were meant to be. That would make Seasons 1 and 2 an alternate timeline.

But enough of the Flashpoint! Let's talk about that awesome Jay Garrick reveal.

Fans had suspected that the man in the iron mask might actually be the real Jay Garrick, but there was another twist to come.

It was totally awesome to have the Earth-3 Jay Garrick as Barry's father's doppelgänger, making this revelation a nice little nod to the 1990 Flash show. So does that mean Barry actually saw Earth-3 Flash when he was traveling through the breach?

John Wesley Shipp's Flash in Season 2.
John Wesley Shipp's Flash in Season 2.

But it's not all plot hints and Flashpoint possibilities. Some of us were very disappointed that the romance between Barry and Iris has been delayed again.

On/off romances are difficult to get right, and sometimes they can just feel forced if there's no real reason for the characters not to get together, aside from the fact that the showrunners want to draw out the tension.

That definitely seems like the case for poor Barry and Iris, who just can't seem to get over their arbitrary relationship roadblocks. And with Barry reseting the timeline, who knows what their relationship will be like in Season 3?

All in all, The Flash finale was full of shocking twists, with many fans agreeing that it was a pretty damn epic episode, whatever the consequences will be. Time to start counting down the days until Season 3!

What did you think of the finale?

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