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SPOILERS for The Flash Season 3 follow.

For anyone who watched last night's episode of The Flash, some very interesting events took place. Wally West was plagued by visions of his Flashpoint life while a speedster god made his first appearance — and that's just what was on the surface of last night's episode, "Shade."

Wally West's current visions of his Flashpoint life were due to him being infected by Doctor Alchemy's influence, which left Team Flash no other option than to use Wally as bait for Doctor Alchemy. With all of Team Flash on deck for Wally's journey into Alchemy's den, Joe West was also on site with a team of SWAT officers to back up Flash. While Joe West assembled his team of officers, he also sought out Julian Albert to be on-site for the mission.

But Julian Albert was nowhere to be found, evident by Joe's line thereafter:

"Where's Julian? He never misses a day of work."

Where Was Julian When Doctor Alchemy Was Attacking?

Now, Joe's mention of Julian being absent may seem insignificant, but considering that Julian is the guy who takes pride in his ability to follow the rules, including being present for work every day, it's quite coincidental that he's not around — the same time that Doctor Alchemy is unfolding his plot to give Wally West his metahuman powers. Julian being absent while Doctor Alchemy is unfolding his dastardliness is too coincidental to not mean something. And if that's not enough evidence to convince you, let's take a look at how Julian Albert joined The Flash.

After Barry Allen corrected his prior mistake of tampering with the timeline, he returned to a world with side effects left as a result of Flashpoint taking place. Some side effects were more noticeable than others, such as the spontaneous arrival of CSI-metahuman specialist Julian Albert becoming a part of CCPD.

Julian Albert, Joe West, Barry Allen
Julian Albert, Joe West, Barry Allen

Julian Albert And Doctor Alchemy Are A Result Of Flashpoint

Before Flashpoint, Julian Albert didn't exist and Barry never worked with anyone else in the CSI departement of Central City Police Department; Barry always worked alone. But the side effects of Flashpoint have introduced Julian Albert to Central City despite having a life unaffiliated with Central City Police Department before Flashpoint.

Keeping Julian Albert's spontaneous arrival in mind, another noteworthy character has entered the world of The Flash due to Flashpoint: Doctor Alchemy.

Doctor Alchemy
Doctor Alchemy

Similar to Julian Albert, Doctor Alchemy didn't exist before Flashpoint. Doctor Alchemy was the villainous antagonist of the Flashpoint universe, but somehow made his way into the corrected timeline. There were bound to be side effects of Barry's tampering with the timeline, but Julian Albert's existence doesn't make sense.

Julian Didn't Exist In Flashpoint, So Why Did He Spontaneously Appear In The Corrected Timeline?

In the Flashpoint universe, Julian Albert wasn't a CSI specialist; he didn't exist. When Barry Allen spent time in Flashpoint, Julian Albert never came up and he wasn't seen once. With that in mind, it draws into question why he exists in the current timeline?

Julian and Barry in CSI crime lab
Julian and Barry in CSI crime lab

Julian has explained what his purpose in the Central City Police Department is, noting his affinity for stopping metahuman criminals, but there's no real reason why he's just appearing now. Reasonably speaking, Julian would have had a reason to be a CSI specialist even before Flashpoint took place, since metahumans have been around since The Flash began.

And at the same time, Doctor Alchemy has dropped in from Flashpoint. The appearance of both Doctor Alchemy and Julian Albert has to be more than a coincidence.

Julian Albert's Dual Identity As Doctor Alchemy Could Be Revealed Soon

Keeping both Doctor Alchemy and Julian Albert existing in mind, Julian's absence in last night's episode was the last piece of evidence we need to connect Julian to Doctor Alchemy. We can't simply conclude that Julian Albert is Doctor Alchemy just because he's not around when Doctor Alchemy is, but now that Julian has been acknowledged as missing at a time when Doctor Alchemy is taking a major step in his diabolical plan, it places Julian as the ideal culprit.

Doctor Alchemy apprehended by SWAT before Savitar appears.
Doctor Alchemy apprehended by SWAT before Savitar appears.

Greg Berlanti Mentions When Doctor Alchemy's Identity Will Be Revealed

In an interview with EW, Greg Berlanti, Executive Producer of The Flash, mentioned that Doctor Alchemy's identity would be revealed in the mid-season finale. This episode is undetermined at the moment, but we can expect the Doctor Alchemy reveal to take place in Episode 8 or Episode 9 (Season 1 and Season 2 of The Flash ran its mid-season finale in Episode 8).

Regardless, the evidence is stacking up to naming Julian Albert as Doctor Alchemy. When the reveal does take place, it may result in more losses for Team Flash.

As it stands, we can already expect Team Flash to experience another loss in next week's episode, "Killer Frost," as it appears that Caitlyn Snow is becoming the villainous Killer Frost.

Source: EW

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW


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