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This post contains spoilers for The Flash Season 3.

With the end of Season 3 approaching, we're only seven episodes away from the complete fulfillment of Savitar's gruesome prophecy: "One shall betray you. One shall fall, and one shall suffer a fate far worse than death." And viewers have been speculating nonstop about who could be the God of Speed's ultimate victim.

But one character has been surprisingly missing from consideration, possibly because he is a guest star and not a series regular. Julian Albert () joined The Flash because of Flashpoint, and even with a Season 4 renewal already promised, there has been no indication he will be returning next year. Maybe that's because Felton has three movies under his belt — , and — that he's been working on since joining The Flash, and his movie career shows no signs of slowing down.

If Felton won't be appearing as a semi-regular character next season, he will have to be written off, and what better way than to fulfill 's prophecy without having to lose one of the show's main characters?

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Technically, Wally has already suffered the fate worse than death, having to relive his mother's passing over and over until The Flash and saved him from the Speed Force. And Caitlyn betrayed the group by keeping a portion of the Philosopher's Stone, though another betrayal wouldn't come as a surprise.

In essence, there is one major portion of the prophecy to be fulfilled unless can stop it, but that seems unlikely with having said he's already lived the life, so he knows what's going to happen. It's hard to change that kind of history.

And it's interesting to note that Tom Felton's IMDB page has him listed as a cast member on The Flash only through Season 3's Episode 18, "Abra Kadabra," whereas other characters are listed through Episode 23. Unfortunately, this might be a sign that fans of Felton's don't want to see.

Whether or not we're about to see the last of Felton on The Flash, he's been an intriguing addition to this season, and we can only hope we'll see more of him in the future. After all, if he does die, death on The Flash doesn't necessarily mean forever. Just ask .

Do you think Julian will be the one to fulfill Savitar's prophecy?


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