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Warner Bros. might have announced the The Flash film all the way back in 2014, but the project has yet to begin filming. The irony is not lost on fans that a movie about the fastest man alive has the slowest production in the DCEU. Whilst we wait for Warner Bros. to hurry up and start shooting, we'll get our first in-depth look at the DCEU's Barry Allen in Justice League premiering in November, and fans are anxious to see how Miller’s version of Barry Allen will different from Grant Gustin’s portrayal of the character on The CW’s The Flash.

With Flash getting his own standalone film, it has been rumored that Barry Allen's nemesis, Reverse-Flash, will make an appearance as the villain. Warner Bros. has not confirmed if Reverse-Flash will appear in the , but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating about which actor could play Eobard Thawne. There are many actors who have been rumored for the part, but the most popular are Matthew McConaughey and Daniel Craig.

Rumors aside, we have no idea who will be cast as in the DCEU, but fans have begun to champion one particular actor for the role: .

Dan Stevens As Reverse-Flash In The DCEU

Dan Stevens previously appeared on Downton Abbey and Adam Wingard’s The Guest, but 2017 has been his breakout year, with his roles in Beauty and the Beast and FX’s Legion. Stevens is a terrific actor, but his name wasn’t on the radar for the role of Reverse-Flash until recently.

Popular internet artist Bosslogic recently posted a picture on his social media accounts of Dan Stevens as Reverse-Flash, and it looks like a perfect fit. Stevens has the perfect range for the role, and his role in The Guest showcased how menacing he can be.

Dan Stevens is incredible on Legion – which is based on a Marvel property – and he would bring a certain weight to Eobard Thawne that would help separate the film version of the character from Matt Letscher’s Reverse-Flash on The CW’s The Flash.

The Unknown Future Of The Reverse-Flash In The DCEU

After he appears in , Barry Allen/Flash will get his own standalone film – but so far, Warner Bros. has had a lot of trouble trying to get The Flash off the ground. The Flash has already lost several directors, and the first script underwent a page-one rewrite. It was recently reported that The Flash’s new script was finished, and the film even received a brand-new title – which hasn’t been revealed yet.

Before the script was rewritten, it was reported that Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne would be the villain in The Flash – and thanks to a scene from the Justice League trailer – it looks like that might still be the case.

Dan Stevens would be great as Reverse-Flash in The Flash standalone film, but we don’t know what the future holds for the property. After Justice League premieres, we might have a better idea which direction Warner Bros. is taking the DCEU, which will inform the future of the films that follow.

Make sure you catch Flash in his first big debut in the DCEU, when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

Sound off! Who do you think should play Reverse-Flash in the DCEU? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.


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